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Is driving with a cracked or broken windshield dangerous?

Yes, aside from visibility issues, your windshield provides up to 60% of the roof crush protection in a roll-over accident. The windshield is also a key element for proper airbag deployment because the bag actually used the windshield as a kind of back-board. You need to speak with your insurance agent to discuss your coverage.

What is all of this talk over "right to choose"?

In Minnesota consumers have the right to have their windshield replaced by the glass shop of their choosing. Insurance companies can not tell you where to go.

Is it legal to offer incentives and rebates with an autoglass replacement?

No, following the 2002 legislative session there is a ban on all inducements/incentives.

What are my rights?

Minnesota law allows you to choose where to have work done on your car.

  • If you call an 800 number provided by your insurer, the phone is answered by a Third Party Administrator (TPA).  Almost always, the TPA is actually a large out of state glass company.  These companies are not AGRSS registered or inspected and often will farm out the work to unqualified backyard mechanics. 
  •  In Minnesota, consumers have the specific right to have their windshield replaced by the glass shop of their choosing. Neither insurance companies nor their TPA can tell you where to go.  Minnesota Statute 72A.201 Subd. 6 (14) states:   “If the insurer recommends a vendor, the insurer must also provide the following advisory:

"Minnesota law gives you the right to go to any glass vendor you choose, and prohibits me from pressuring you to choose a particular vendor."

  • Windshield Bullies

The statute goes on to prohibit a common TPA practice - trying to bully you into using another shop.  Minnesota Statute 72A.201 Subd. 6 (15) & (16) define as an unfair claims practice limiting your choice of shop.  The law also specifically prohibits intimidation or any inducement to use another shop.

Is it legal to offer incentives and rebates with an auto glass replacement?

If an insurer pays, directly or indirectly for glass products or services, incentives, inducements or waiver of deductibles are prohibited. Minnesota Statute 325F.783

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