Summary of MN Auto Glass Statutes

Frequestly Asked Questions

  1. My windshield is cracked; what do I do?  
    a) Contact your insurance company. Most Minnesotans have full glass coverage. Talk to your insurance agent to go over your glass coverage.
    b) You will then want to call an Auto Glass Company of your choice to repair/replace. Most companies will file the insurance claim with you.
  2. Is it illegal to drive with a cracked windshield? 


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MN Statues related to Auto Glass:




Damaged glass, repair or replacement, Minn. Statutes 2016 72A.2012016 325F.783



Deductible - Automobile Insurance
65B.134 Comprehensive coverage; glass breakage.

Any policy of automobile insurance, as defined in section 65B.14, subdivision 2, providing comprehensive coverage, whether designated as such or included in a policy providing broader coverage, must provide at the option of the insured complete coverage for repair or replacement of all damaged safety glass without regard to any deductible or minimum amount.

Unfair Claims Practices
72A.201 Subd. 6

(14) if an automobile policy provides for the adjustment or settlement of an automobile loss due to damaged window glass, failing to provide payment to the insured's chosen vendor based on a competitive price that is fair and reasonable within the local industry at large.

Where facts establish that a different rate in a specific geographic area actually served by the vendor is required by the market, that geographic area must be considered. This clause does not prohibit an insurer from recommending a vendor to the insured or from agreeing with a vendor to preform work at an agreed-upon price, provided, however, that before recommending a vendor, the insurer shall offer its insured the opportunity to choose the vendor. If the insurer recommends a vendor, the insurer must also provide the following advisory:

"Minnesota law gives you the right to go to any glass vendor you choose, and prohibits me from pressuring you to choose a particular vendor.";

(15) requiring that the repair or replacement of motor vehicle glass and related products and services be made in a particular place or shop by a particular entity, or by otherwise limiting the ability of the insured to select the place, shop, or entity to repair or replace the motor vehicle glass and related products and services; or

(16) engaging in any act or practice of intimidation, coercion, threat, incentive, or inducement for or against an insured to use a particular company or location to provide the motor vehicle glass repair or replacement services or products. For purpose of this section, a warranty shall not be considered an inducement or incentive.

Incentive Prohibition
325F.783 Auto glass repair or replacement

(a) No person who provides retail auto glass products or services paid for in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, by an insurer regarding an insurance claim may:

(1) waive, forgive, or pay all or any part of an applicable insurance deductible; or

(2) as an inducement to the sale of goods or services to an insured, advertise or give any rebate, gift, prize, bonus, coupon, credit, referral fee, trade-in or trade-in payment, advertising or other fee or payment, or any other tangible thing or item of monetary value, directly or indirectly, to an insured or any other person not in the employ of the seller.

(b) The attorney general may pursue the penalties and remedies available to the attorney general under section 8.31 against any person who violates this section.

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